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Day 1

So went out today and got some Schultz Aquatic Soil from Lowe's. I bought 2 bags, but found
that just one bag of 10lbs work just fine. Still going to have to go and buy something to cap it
with since it is very lightweight (hard keeping it all in the bucket while I was washing it ).

got for $6.78 a bag (:

I actually don't mind the color.

washed it a couple of times..

she so much wanted to jump into it thinking it was kitty litter
after awhile she decided that watching was just as fun.

It gave me a good 1.5"-2". Probably going to either but some black gravel, or use some old really
natural looking gravel I got while I was in Ohio awhile back. Depends on how much money I have left.

Expenses so far:
- 2 bags Schultz Aquatic Soil (-$15.04)
- 20 gallon long (-$10.00)

Already went over my $25.00, I was practically attacking my couch for quarters and other loose change.

I still need to get:
- filter
- lighting
- heater

Hoping I can just ask around and see if anyone has any older equipment that they're willing to give me.

As for plants and such it will have to wait until everything else is set up (
chris127 and Raven1 don't worry I
am still going to take you up on your plant offers once I get the money. Trying to sell a couple of
paintings this week).
Since it IS low-tech I'm probably not going put any CO2 in it. I would if I was able. lol.

Well that's all for now.
Comments very much appreciated

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