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Just a reminder that members need to know and abide by the forum rules! We've had to issue quite a few infractions recently, even several temp and permabans, with members claiming to not know the rules. The forum rules are clearly posted here as well as sent and agreed to when each member first joins TPT.

These rules are not open for debate, but any questions or clarifications needed may be addressed in the Plantedtank Help Desk subforum.

Please especially pay attention to this section, and note that ALL MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO KNOW AND ABIDE BY THE SAME RULES, REGARDLESS OF MEMBERSHIP LEVEL:

1. Spam, self promotion and referral links are not allowed.
2. Do not discuss how to perform, elude capture, or profit from illegal activities.
3. Do not post nudity or graphic descriptions of sex.
4. Do not post links to sites with grotesque, gruesome or disgusting pictures/videos.
5. Do not insult/attack other users.
6. Do not use vulgarities & obscenities.
7. Do not post under the influence.
8. Do not taunt the moderators to delete your post. If you create a thread that you know will be deleted, it will be DELETED.
9. Do not start threads about "why was my thread deleted." Private message a moderator to resolve the issue.
10. Do not post inappropriate images.
11. Do not abuse the pTrader system.
12. The Planted Tank cannot be held accountable for any bad trades, bad sales or members. Please trade and sell at your own risk.
13. If there are additional rules specific to each forum they will be stickied.
14. Positive and negative reviews of online sellers (including hobbyists) and brick and mortar stores are disallowed.
15. All AquaBid/Ebay links (or any other auction source) are not allowed in any fashion. They will be deleted! No exceptions!
16. Group buys are not allowed unless permission is explicitly granted by the moderators or the administrator.
17. Use of any means to hide or mask your true identity is strictly forbidden including but not limited to registering under more than one username, using an IP Address Obfuscator or an IP proxy.
18. Links to a website in which items related to the aquatic hobby are for sale are prohibited unless explicit permission is given.

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