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I've come to find out after years of stoplight encounters as well as drag strip smack talk that it's always a case of nice car, bad driver. In this case i don't mean bad driver as in one with poor driving skills, but rather bad driver as in a person who is cocky, arrogant, ignorant and just outright an ass.

It's a driver's attitude that always ruins it for me. I've pulled next to some real winners in my time. Guys in any nice car you can think of and everyone in a BMW j/k. They think their poo don't stink and talk the biggest trash.

Here's an example using the Subaru WRX. Now i love this car. I test drove one with the hopes of getting m sister to buy one (i myself could never own one) but i absolutely had a blast driving it and respect the potential. I also have enough expeirence racing them to know that off the line they haul due to AWD and light weight but from a light roll i can really put some carlenghts on them. At a roll from higher MPH, they do have the HP to keep up.

When the WRX was still brand new, i pulled next to one on the road. It was scooby blue and pretty sweet looking. I was checking it out and about to ask the driver a couple questions when he said something along the lines of "I could beat you without even trying". Now i was shocked. I was about to toss the guy a compliment and he came out talking like that. I didn't even race the guy, i just shook my head and drove off normally.

I get the same deal while waiting in the pits at New England Dragway. Some people act like real hot shots. The worst time was when i went about 2 summers ago. I was lined up to race a Honda Civic Del Sol and we were waiting for the other staging lanes to clear out. Kid asked me what i was running so i casually told him 14.4's. He started joking to his friends RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME that he was gonna smoke me. Now this kid had his hook open and he had all this aftermarket crap under there and his lap-top sitting on the passenger seat. He prob had 4000-5000 under the hood on top of the car. Meanwhile my Mustang was pretty much stock. Anyway we raced and to make a long story short i went 14.1 that run and he ran 14.7. Right after the race he lined up behind me in the pits again and accused me off whimping out and using nitrous. He actually made a big scene about it. I was shocked and told him it was stock. He didn't beleive me at all and still made a stink with his buddies. Whatever

I have dozens and dozens of stories like that. Some are morons in muscle cars, sore are in imports. But anyway i kinda tend to feel bad when i see a nice car with one of these ignorant people driving them. Sad thing is, there are so many.

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