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Originally Posted by newkidvoodoo
i meant absolutely no disrespect. i apologize if anyone took any of my comments in that way. i was only trying to interject that it's not just the big displacement guys (and girls) who can run with the best of them. i will second what Celura said about "friendly smack talk". i thought all was taken with a tongue in cheek. racing is all about finding out who is faster, and there is often a little bit of bravado involved with that endeavour. i haven't got a shred of proof as to my beating camaros and mustangs at stoplights, but i will tell you that it HAS happened. on the other hand, my car cost a lot more than most of those cars, and if an equal amount were spent on said camaros and mustangs, i firmly believe the advantage would go to the pony cars. anyway... i'm done now, i'll try to tone it down in the future.
I have many import friends my car could only ever glimpse the taillights of, so I know all too well imports can be just as if not more impressive than domestics from time to time.

I'd still love to run you. 8)


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