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Firstly, I wasn't trying to start a war whatsoever. Just a little friendly smack-talk between two racers. I was nothing but respectful, and quite playful about it as well.

Secondly, I am very aware how important driver skill is in racing. I've been racing for more than 6 years on the strip, and have been featured on Speedvision doing just that. I'm no newbie at this, and I know what I'm talking about.

Skill is important, but so are the numbers. There are also tons of other factors that calculate in such as launch, tire spin, track temps, humidity, etc.

All the same, I suppose I would have to know what modifications the Subie has in order to consider the claims of waxing new Camaros every single week more believable. Not saying it wasn't done, but I'd like to see some evidence. No disrespect intended.


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