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Originally Posted by nate_mcnasty View Post
that looks awesome can't wait to see more plants in there
Thanks! I can't wait for more plants, too, especially some colorful stems. I'm getting much closer to being able to add them. I might be able to get my lights rigged up today which just leaves getting ferts and figuring out how to use them correctly. Then, bring on the stems!

Originally Posted by i love planted tanks View Post
if you are going to use 2 input and out put i would use the last sketch it is perfect for your tank or i think the way you have it in the real pic is realy good.the out take on the left side of the tank and the intake on the right side of the tank perfect water flow.good luck with your new tank looks nice
Yeah, that last one is what most people suggested so that's what I'm using right now (on my XP4; I haven't changed my Eheim to use the Customflo kit yet).

One of the advantages of the Customflo kits is that you really can customize your filtration circulation. I can add intake screens at the bottom of my tank by just piping it down there and using an elbow. The kit also comes with 2 spray bars for each filter so I can have a spray bar at the top and middle, at the top and bottom or at the top and horizontal to form a long, "upside down L" design.

Right now, I have what's pictured in the last design pictured except the intake does not have another intake screen at the bottom (just two in the middle) and the output not only has the spray bar at the top, but I also have a flexible output "bar" of sorts that I can point to any direction to add to the flow at the middle part of the tank.

What I really like is that this gives me a lot of really nice, gentle flow throughout the tank so I can avoid dead spots, but not have any currents that blow over the plants. The kits are not perfect, but they work great for someone like me who's wanting something beyond what's supplied with the canisters, but is not advanced enough to start creating their own using pvc piping from the local hardware store.

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