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Personally I would take the f-body any day.... Pop the t-tops out, listen to that american V-8 rumble as you drift it sideways around a corner, tires a smoking...... I have goose bumps...
yeah, i am with you on that one... i miss the sound of the v8. i had a 91 camaro when i was younger, and my last car before the WRX was a 85 corvette. the subaru sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

I would put my money on the Camaro/Firebird at the end of the 1/4 mile.... But it probably would be determined by driver skill anyway, I suspect the suby is a little easyer to drive.
actually, i would have to say that the WRX has been one of the more difficult cars for me to drive fast. keeping the RPMs in the right place to optimize the boost from the turbo can be difficult, and the stock transmission is not very good. it's the next thing i'm upgrading. not an easy car to drive at all.

34 gal, Proquatics 1600 (160gph), Proquatics heater (200w), 4x30w flourescent bulbs (3.16wpg), nutrafin co2 system, 5 in Flourite/Onyx substrate mix (50/50), Flora: java fern, java moss, various cryptocoryne... Fauna: 3 Boesemani rainbows, 1 oto, 1 pleco, 5 Amano shrimp, and lots & lots of malaysian trumpet snails.
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