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At this point, I have managed to get the pressurized CO2 working, using a rex reactor custom made for me by Orlando (thanks again!). It's connected to the Rena XP4.

I've bought a bunch of java fern and anubias to serve as my basic plants for my tank. I did this because they would help me go through the transition from a low light tank to a high light one; plus, they would work as my backbone plants to lower my overall plant maintenance since they need so little care. I intend to add stems to add color and texture to the whole design. But the stems won't be added until I get my lighting set up the way I want.

I also have new fish! I very recently had the incredible surprise of finding lots of my favorite fish at one of my LFSs! They had a large selection of Pelvicachromis taeniatus available. They had so many different ones, it was very hard to decide which to get! I decided on three pairs: Kienke (my definite favorites!), Moliwe and Nigerian Red. I decided on the Nigerian Red because they reminded me of the old fashioned, regular Kribensis that I had over 30 years ago. Their overall pattern and fin shape is a little different from the other P. taeniatus.

I also added 10 Torpedo Barbs, Puntius denisonii. They are also known as Roseline Sharks, Red Line Sharks, and Denison's Barbs. Whatever name people use, these fish are incredible! They grow to a fabulous size of 4"-5", like to shoal (but also swim independently, as well) and best of all are peaceful! They are an incredible fish to add to a community tank! Their coloring is outstanding. Very true, very bright and clean red and yellow with a strong black, all of which stands out nicely from their overall silver color. You have to see these fish to believe them!

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