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Once I decided on my driftwood design, the next step was to attach some Fissidens fontanus to the driftwood. At this point, I also removed all of my silk plants. The plants in the tank are not actually planted. They're still in their pots or were just dropped in. It's a start!

Also, I forgot that by this time I also had about 40 amano shrimp in the tank, a blue german ram and an apisto cockatoo. I was trying the ram and apisto to see if they could handle my 8.0 pH water. The answer: yes, they can! The guy at the LFS said if my water could handle Cardinal Tetras, then the rams and apistos would be fine. It helps that the fish I buy has already been acclimated to our high pH by having been in the LFS tanks for at least 10 days.

My canopy is not on the tank. It's on my floor! I'm rigging up the lighting.

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