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Hi! I'm Leah and I live in Honolulu. I have a low-tech 55 gallon, with lots of java fern, java moss, and anubias. And I'm a HAS member (though I missed the last meeting or two).
I also have 4 clown loaches who are slowly outgrowing my tank. If you or someone you know might want to adopt these loaches, and you have a tank large enough for them, then please keep me in mind! My largest loach is over 5 inches, the rest are about 3 inches. These guys can live over 30 years, so I'm really looking for someone who wants to commit themselves to caring for them as long-term pets. They are very tame, and will make wonderful pets for the right owner. You can read about their care requirements at Just send me a private message on this site if you'd like to know more.
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