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thanks scmurphy. i agree with you. i have some other plants coming in from marc over at aquatic-store and i was hoping to see what it would look like once i have all my plants in there. im not to found of having the driftwood as the main center piece, too symmetrical imo. i found another piece of driftwood that complements this one really well. its more vertical and has a branch stretching to the left. but before i put more money down, im gonna see what it looks like for now with the new plants. im expecting them today any minute from now. i always appreciate your opinion!!

75gal Planted Tank
SUBSTRATE: 60lbs flourite, 50lbs red flint gravel
FILTRATION: (2) 400 emperor
LIGHTNING: (2) metal halides 175W 10k
CO2: pressurized
PLANTS: Sag, Crystal Val, Pigmy swords, Micro swords, Red & Scarlet Ludwigia, Queen sword, Stargrass, Ludwigia Palustris, Ludwigia Brevipes, Red Sunset Hygro, Bacopa, Pennywort, Crypt Wendtii Bronze, Glosso
FISH: 8 Tiger Barbs, 7 Otos, 1 Dwarf Bristlenose, 14 Varies Rainbows, 6 Rasbora, 3 Cory cats
INVERTS: 8 Amano & 10 ghost shrimps.
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