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i knew this was going to start a war, but whatever, i'll play along (incidentally, that's what i say to myself when some guy in a camaro/mustang/or any other "american muscle" car starts flexing on me at a stoplight). first of all, i am not a professional race car driver, and i have never been to the drag strip with my WRX. all i can say is that on more than 10 occasions, i have humiliated said "american muscle" cars at various stoplights around town. owners of cars with relatively high horsepower ratings tend to assume that horsepower is all that is functioning in a dragrace. i will admit that my car is not completely stock, but i doubt my boost controller is really accounting for all that much. i grew up in a muscle car family, and for a long time i though there was "no replacement for displacement", i have found this to be totally, and completely false.

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