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I don't know, I just ended up getting a Red Texas cichlid so I got rid of all the plants in the tank, changed out the substrate to regular gravel then ended up finding this guy at a local fish store for $8 so I couldn't resist a Pearl Kamfa Flowerhorn.

Then the flowerhorn started getting super aggressive, so I sold the Red Texas cichlid, sold of the bastard (that was his actual name "the bastard" lol), and now I'm trying to find a good home for my remaining Blood Parrot cichlids, and Green Sunfish so I can get back to a planted tank.

So now I've modified the piece of driftwood that's in the tank now, and once the fish are gone I can figure out a hardscape for the tank. Which shouldn't be too hard since I currently have around 20 pieces of driftwood I can use, I have a few good size rocks, I have some play sand I can use, around 20lbs of natural aquarium gravel, and then the 40lbs of flourite/floramax/ada aquasoil amazonia to use as the main substrate.

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