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Well, sorry about not updating. My plants have taken off (the telanthera quite litteraly (more on that in a moment)) and every one is alive and healthy. I lost a guppy to a pictus catfish (long story) so now I have 2 guppies and 5 serpaes in the tank.

Anyway, pictures soon! Hopefully after I fix a slight problem...

The tank is horrible looking right now... Somehow (and don't ask me how because I have no idea) my telanthera has come uprooted slightly... It's taking over the tank! It had been growing so well that I was forced to cut it back (it grew out of the water !) yes, I was surprised. That was maybe two weeks ago. So, imagine my surprise when I noticed that it was growing out of the water level again... So, I got the cutters out and was going to trim it when I noticed a slight problem... Only a couple stems were actually rooted in the water.

Now I can't get them back in the gravel... Whenever I shove one back down, another pops up.

Any suggestions? How do I get the stupid plants to stay down???

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