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Did all my testing. I don't test frequently, but I do test thoroughly to start a tank off.

So.. Here are my stats, and here's the advice I need!

GH-8 or 9 (I never know if it's turning or not and when to count, before or after, so Idk)
KH-1 or 2 (Same deal as above)
Ammonia - .25 ppm
Nitrite - 0 ppm
Nitrate - 5.0 ppm

So, I'm guessing that means tetra safe start works... Because I only squeezed a little filter media from my other filter into the new one, and I'm pretty sure those numbers couldn't just come from that.

The question I then have for anybody who is good at cycling (I admit, I am not) is what do I do now?

I obviously have to keep a source of ammonia in the tank to keep the cycle good, and it obviously isn't finished, but at that stage in the game, wouldn't you say it's close?

Last question, should I add some snails to the tank? That's usually how I cycle, they usually can handle the ammonia, and they usually finish the cycle out. What do you think?

Thanks for your help!

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