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I don't own any Eheim products yet, only Emperor hob's. I am just begining to delve seriously into planted tanks. I have just set up a new 100g planted tank, which will (of course) need a cannister filter. After having read the several threads about how great Eheim filters are, and having received a few recommendations on the Pro 2028, I am proud to say that it is the ONLY cannister filter I will even CONSIDER purchasing. As soon as I get my property taxes paid this month
So, I would like to become a member (albeit, FEMALE) of the Eheim Pimps Club, if it is possible. Please let me know.
Thank you!

MEMBER: #15 Eheim Pimps Club, Cory Addicts Anonymous, COAST, AGA.
550g pond= koi, comets/shubunkin, water lillies.
165g RES turtle pond in progress.
100g planted tank= 240 watts c.f., 1 DIY 1-gal co2 jug, platies, angels, lace gouramies, congos, black neons, otos.
30g= cories, platies, platy fry, ghost shrimp.
18g= platy fry
10g= baby RES tank- Turtlebuddy
30g= temp. adult RES tank- Myrtlemamma
20gL= temp. juv. RES tank- Tweak and Mertle
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