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I have pond/bladder, ramshorn, and mts. I have no problem with any of the and some some in every planted tank. I even have a 40+gallon trash bin I soak driftwood in and am trying to grow an "exploding pond snail colony" in by throwing in leftover veggie scraps from my pleco tank (why? Because my husband has a dwarf puffer tank and snails are a great meal). They do not explode in population even with excessive food for me, but they are great for (very slowly) eating algae and dead plant matter. They are also fun to watch sucking bio film off the surface of the water. The ramshorns are a lovely clear shell with leopard like spots on it, and the pond snails turn black in the soak bin and get white stripes from calcium deposits from hanging out with their shells out of the water (on barely submerged rock) giving them a very cool look.
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