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I think this is a great post on the snail topic. I know and believe what you have said and I know many, many people feel the same way. But for me, they all just creep me out except my assassins and nerites. I now have a breeding population of assassins in one tank that originally suffered from pond snails (no more) and of course, the nerites won't breed.

I recently did a tear down of another tank because of a "million" MTS that my assassins were ineffective against. My replacement tank for this tear-down is now just silk plants, and one very large anubias on driftwood I was able to keep after quarantining it to make sure no snails were hitching a ride.

I also find the assassins ineffective against the mini ramshorns, which I suffer with in another tank. These I squish weekly when doing a WC but it's becoming a losing battle here too. I fear another tear down may be in my future. I love my live plants and hate the pest snails and have not been able to get to that stable population of snails. My fault, perhaps, but the fish gotta eat.

While my silk plant tank still looks nice, it's not the same. Pond snails I can take care of with the assassins. But the MTS and ramshorns will always creep me out because of the numbers I have had to deal with.

Thanks for your post anyway.
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