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Whew! the stand is finished. Three coats of primer 3 coats of paint and three coats of satin clear coat. I placed the stand where I wanted it to go. It seems to be perfectly level with no shims underneath. Unfortunately I haven't placed the tank on the stand because it is a two man job and i haven't had a chance to call a friend to come and help. But do not despair i have a new pic . the stones you are about to see were purchased about two years ago when things were more affordable. Thats how long I have been planning saving and collecting for this project. The pic shows three Seiryu stone and one chinese zebra rock in the far left corner. The best, largest stone is the whole inspiration for this tank. Yes its one piece it looks like a mountain and it weighs over 65lbs and over two feet. So this is the basic scape. i will add more rock and tweak the scape but it won't change much. The rocks are somewhat dirty from being in my back yard next to my koi pond for the last two years. So tell me what you think.

All these stones easily weigh over 100lbs and I still have another 80lbs.

ADA 120P x2 Iwagumi ADA 75P, 60Px3, 30Cx3 ADA Mini S solar (LED) Mini M solar Do!aqua Mini M
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