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First Rescape!

I finally took some pictures of my first rescaped 2.5g tank. I'm not completely happy with it, but I like it better than my first attempt.

I need to anchor down the driftwood because it constantly falls down every time I change the water. This has completely destroyed the mounded sand around it. It's also made a mess of the little java fern pieces I had around it. When I first planted this, the java fern created a "cliff" type of sloping around the driftwood which I really liked, but that's completely gone thanks to the driftwood falling down so much.

The biggest disappointment for me is that my "big idea" of making a pathway meander in the middle did not turn out at all the way I had hoped. You really can't even see it without looking almost straight down. It's also very hard to keep clean. The sand covers it very quickly with every water change no matter how careful I try to be.

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how well the plants are doing, especially since I don't dose this tank. I've had some problems with algae, but I'm managed to keep it from completely taking over.

I like that the tank has some color, thanks to the crypt wendtii 'bronze'. I took that from my 20L, and that stuff just grows like a weed. The color works nicely with the driftwood. I also like having a variety of plants considering how small the tank is.

There's some foxtail in the back that I originally tried to cover the filter intake, but it's not growing very well. It probably would like some CO2/Excel and ferts!

  • Substrate: Seachem Onyx Sand
  • Light: 27watt full spectrum florescent desk light (Superior 27-Watt 10,000-Hour Bulb Black Desk Lamp)
  • Light Duration: 12 hours, 9am - 9pm, I move the light closer and farther from the top of the tank as dictated by the plants and algae.
  • Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) - Tiny pieces on very small wood in the back. You really can't see them.
  • Silvermist Foxtail (Mayaca fluviatilis) (I think that's the right plant ID) - I intended for it to hide the filter intake, but it's not doing well. I'm sure it needs CO2/Excel and ferts which I'm not dosing.
  • Crypt (Cryptocoryne wendtii 'bronze') - Taken from my 20Long. That stuff grows like a weed! I like how the color compliments the color of the driftwood.
  • Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus tenellus) - This is growing much taller than I ever expected! I had some in my 20long tank that was not doing well so I moved it to this tank. Plus, I bought a couple more to make sure I had some healthy ones. I guess it's they're growing so large because of the bright light?
  • Riccia (Riccia fluitans) - I ended up with some riccia when I saw it in a bag at a LFS. I asked what it was, and they told me it was "another java moss". No kidding! Well, I knew it wasn't java moss, but I thought it might have been one of the other mosses based on their "name". Little did I know until I got it home that it was riccia! So I thought I'd try it in this little tank. It's growing very well! Much better than I expected! Now I need to trim it, but I'm afraid of the mess the trimmings will make in the tank. Otherwise, I really like it. Very nice bright green color.
  • Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) - Tied onto the driftwood to add some depth (a 3D effect) and to decorate the driftwood a little. I just recently trimmed it. It was much longer/larger than what you see now! I do have problems with algae getting mixed in since it's the closest to the light. I tried squirting in some Excel, but it not only killed out the algae, but it hurt some of the java moss, as well. I've learned to move the light further away if the algae becomes a problem. I'm thinking of adding some RCS to this tank which may help.
  • Guppy/Endler Fry - This is what started the whole tank. I didn't know what to do with the fry that got caught in my canister filter so I created a mini tank for my mini fish (fry). As they grow out, I'm separating the males and females in hopes of not having this problem forever!
  • Otto (Otocinclus affinis) - One lone otto. I know they prefer to be in groups, but I needed him to help out with an algae problem. I have more in my 20long tank. If I can ever find a true SAE, I'll switch them out as it's my understanding that a SAE is okay by itself. The otto wasn't too happy when I first put him there, but he's adjusted well since.
Okay, now for the pictures! Please give me any critique, good and bad. I plan to rescape this tank again to correct a few problems, and it would be great to have added ideas when I do it. So I'm very open to ideas and suggestions on how to make it better!

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