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Originally Posted by CmLaracy View Post
according to this I have over 100 ppm CO2 in my tank....

I have a KH of 3.5, and a pH that drops down, BELOW 6. I don't have any fish in the tank, and I'm using an ADA diffuser at 3bps in a 42 gallon.... My GH is also at .5

Is my CO2 really at over 100ppms?
Hmmm.....interesting, I guess different KH and PH readings can cause wide fluctuations to the point where the readings may or may not be accurate. I have a 10 gallon where water parameters tested monthly over 6 months would suggest that water parameters would be in the range considered ideal for plant growth, but the tank was plagued by fish deaths and very poor plant growth. As per drop checker the c02 level was 30 ppm, but as per on-line chart it was only 11.7 ppm. In that case, I was more inclined to believe that the on-line chart was more accurate, since black brush algae was one of the first types of algae to materialize and this usually materializes when
c02 levels are suboptimal.
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