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Yeah, i was really excited when i found them! They're really what i wanted but I couldn't find them so I went with Otos, now i'm glad I didn't add more otos because it meant i had room for these little guys!!!

Sadly, I lost 1 of them already, but the girl was poking at the bag once she had them packed up so I think she thought she might've gotten a bad one...i should have asked her to switch it. One of the the others is looking a little iffy as well, but the other 2 were zooming around the tank, and went right after an algae wafer i dropped in the tank, so I'm thinking it wasn't poor acclimation, but 1 (possibly 2) little cories in not such great shape. I'm going to bring it back and get a replacement after work.

I snapped a couple photos on my way out the door this morning, i'll look at them now (taking a late lunch break) to see if any are worht posting!

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