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I agree that this list needs some organization and that there are fish that are small, and then there's fish that are OK for nano-tanks - and the two are not always the same.

One of the problems is the number of organizational info requests though. Some people want 'em sorted by their water preferences (which alone has Ph, hardness, and temp. as sub-categories); others want them sorted by size, or their ability to play nice in a community tank, or where in the tank they tend to hang out. Still others want them arranged by species info, geographical origin, and even coloration.

This is obviously not do-able as a simple linear list.

What needs to happen instead is to compile a spreadsheet so that people can do their own sorting and whatnot. This will not be a simple job initially, (and as I work full-time and then some, am married, and actively pursue playing music - a spare 3 or 4 hours is hard to come by!) ...but anyone who wants to volunteer has my blessing and any assistance I can provide, and probably lots of other folks here too.

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