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Well, I wish I could say things were going great with it but that is really not the case. The star grass has rotted away, lots of the lower leaves on the rotala have melted, and the Cala Lilly has lost most of its leaves. The Cala Lilly does have some new leaves growing in but not really fast enough to make it look healthy. That is just in the plant realm.

The fish have taken a downward swing also. A couple of weeks ago I added 3 white mollies to the tub (1m and 2f). A day after I had quite a few babies in the tub. Yesterday I lost one of the females and today I lost the other two and all but 3-4 babies. This past weekend I put two baby Bristle Nose in and at least one is still alive tonight.

In terms of algae I am not having too many problems. The sides had a pretty good coat of brown slimy algae until I wiped it off today during the water change.

I will try and get some pictures later.
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