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Originally Posted by Vermino View Post
Awesome find Dmarksvr. It's great to see some specs on the long awaited light. Personally I'm not a DIY guy with the Arduino, so this should be even better than the predecessor Satellite Freshwater LED plus.

Not everyone can afford the Ferrari, but both companies make great products - just one comes with more features than the other.
Thanks, arduino is beyond me too but a guy from dendroboard is making one for his + fixture and said he might hook me up with one... so I may still buy a + for that reason, but straight out of the box this light is better suited to my vivarium needs. The standard + wouldn't be bright enough for most of my vivariums, and I got the impression that it didn't have the "resume" feature so if you activate a storm it screws up your sunrise/sunset mode. Then there is the limited compatibility of the ramp timers. So the E-series looks to be much more of what I had hoped the satellite + would be, but kinda fell short.

I think with these lights it kinda boils down to how important the FX are for you. I love that kinda thing, and it will compliment some things I'm doing with vivariums. For others that just wanna light their tank maybe not. But seems like a fair number of people are buying 2 satellite + fixtures to light a tank and this is basically twice the light as one those and you get the equivalent of a dual or maybe even ramp timer pro so you have to factor that in (if sunrise/sunset etc.. is important to you). This is only one store's listing also... Maybe other places will be cheaper, the price will probably come down and sales will be run of course just like the + fixtures.

I plan on trying some BML's when they release the multi channel lights but the controller from BML is $100+ so again if sunrise/sunset is important you have to factor in that when comparing cost to the E-series. Also if you're holding out for the BML multi channel lights they'll likely be a bit more pricey then what BML currently offers. Apex and other controller/led fixture combinations are an option but that is a little intimidating for some people, both in price and on the technical side. This is plug and play for all us idiots

So anyways my 2 cents is this is worth it for people who care about FX and sunrise/sunset/moonlight functionality, but the satellite + just wasn't quite bright enough and/or automated enough.

Oh and for people wondering about the spread, I swear I read somewhere the led's were 120 degrees... but I can't find that info now so don't quote me on it.
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