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Originally Posted by Dmarksvr View Post

One site has them available for preorder, with some info/graphics...

12" - 18" E-30 Full Spectrum LED $132.95 (This is the base price, and u add the extra money below when you go up to that size (Keep in mind you would have to buy the Dual ramp timer to get sunrise/sunset/moon light with a normal satellite +, so when you factor in that cost, these lights are very comparable in price, but much more light)
18" - 24" E-45 Full Spectrum LED +$38.00
24" - 36" E-60 Full Spectrum LED +$57.00
36" - 48" E-90 Full Spectrum LED +$133.00
48" - 60" E-120 Full Spectrum LED +$180.50
(Kinda pricey but remember you get the ramp timer that allows for automated sunrise/sunset/moonlight instead of manual activation on the + fixture and it has FX too ...Looks like it is basically a freshwater version of the Orbit marine fixture. The "resume" feature is nice, so you can do your storm without having to reset the sunrise/sunset/moonlight schedule.
- See more at: Ecoxotic E Series Full Spectrum LED Strip 12", 18", 24", 36", 48", 60" (*PREORDER*)
Awesome find Dmarksvr. It's great to see some specs on the long awaited light. Personally I'm not a DIY guy with the Arduino, so this should be even better than the predecessor Satellite Freshwater LED plus.

Originally Posted by GoodOldDays View Post
$250 for a 36 inch....????? I'm out! Finnex Planted + looks a lot better to my wallet.
Not everyone can afford the Ferrari, but both companies make great products - just one comes with more features than the other.
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