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Originally Posted by audioaficionado View Post
Nick, I'd like the #50 Canon Pimp spot. I've got a dandy A590-IS P&S and later this year I'm acquiring a T2i and having it modded to full spectrum for astrophotography, IR, UV and of course 1080P videos of my fish.
Late? How so? I've had a Canon for awhile now albeit a P&S in 2007. I've been wanting a DSLR for some time now, but didn't have the funds available. Now I do and decided to get a used kit to save some $$$. Should get it mid next week .

Originally Posted by speedie408 View Post
So those who made the switch from Nikon to Canon, tell us why you didn't like Nikon...
I've been a Nikon fan since the mid '70s and have an old F2 film camera (doesn't work now) . I'm going with Canon as there is a whole lot more third party software to work with Canon than with Nikon. I'm planning on doing a full spectrum mod by removing the IR blocking filters over the sensor. Then I can do IR and astronomy photography. I'll just put an equivalent UV/IR blocking filter on when I do normal light photography. I still like Nikon, but they're more spendy and I don't see any advantage over Canon. I'm a bang for the buck kind of guy and Canon is the better value for what I want to do IMHO.


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