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First of all, Hunter thank you for your service. i make it a habit to thank all who have served, and i am teaching my 5 y/o to have the same respect that the service men and women of our country deserve. Second all i can say is WOW on this build. i did a diy aquarium controller about 15 years ago, all timers, relays and 2 PLC ( setup by the maintenance tech for me) for the heating and cooling, no dosing. with all i have been reading about the arduino's lately i am becoming very interested, and my wife can tell you that is not a good thing when it comes to my wallet. you have taken every aspect of normal aquarium attention, and automated them all. i am curious to know who easy would this be for someone like me with very little experience with PCB and no experience with coding be to do?again great work and have a safe trip home.
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