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Thanks Tom & Seaserpent.
Originally Posted by want4rain View Post
thats just stunning Joe!!! i wish my hubby would let me put one of those in OUR bedroom!!!

those your old bosamis from the 86?

Hiya ash!
It's amazing how much better it looks from simply adding the trimwork.
I've still got my 3 original boesmanis in the old 86. I've got 5 of their juvies in the 180, and 15 fry in my 32g, almost big enough to trade in at the lfs. Once a month I pull plants outta the 86 into the 32, and wait for fry to show up. The adults just eat them in the 86.

Ikuzo, I almost didn't do it on the corner. The only reason I did it that way was I thought the borders would be too narrow, and would look funny if I kept it on the face wall. The wall on the right of that 'hallway' couldn't be moved, as it contained a structural post. Initially I wanted a 7foot tank, I was going to put it on the right, against the structural post, and have the hallway on the far left into the office. I'm quite pleased at the way it turned out, as it makes the tank look much bigger.

Biggest PITA? Trying to 'scape from the back. Ugh.

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