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Yep, that lil sure will grow that way!
I have a zillion of those darn things in the yard (pop up everywhere) so I decided to try a chunk in a plastic thing (was from a diary, carries milk bottles or something) with large gravel in one of my ponds and it did well, the leaves didn't get as big as they do in the yard but that was fine with me and the roots went insane, when I ripped it out about a month ago there were roots throughout the 36"x24" pond container (stock tank) and the lilies had only been in there maybe 9 months.
I also had some stem plants in some sms in a pond plant basket and those did really well but I had to pull giant slurmy strings of algae off of them without pulling the plants from the substrate.

-Cassie S.
No fish or invert tanks right now... just 1 H. azureiventris...
But I'm working on that!
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