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Hi folks! New here but just wanted to give my input on this one. I've done a bit of research lately on aquatic nuisance species and the laws regarding them, and I'd like to applaud you guys for creating awareness of this problem.

The plants listed above on the previous page are bound both by the Lacey Act, and Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990 (NANPCA).
Its not only illegal to import these plants, but its also illegal to transport them across state boundaries.

Some states in the US prohibit the transport, possession, sale, purchase, and or distribution of aquatic nuisance species, so check your local laws before buying any "noxious" plants. <-- has the Invasive Species Laws for each state.

Also, please think twice before trying to circumvent your local laws. Even if the destination is only your aquarium, these and other plants may have been banned in your state and others for a reason.

In general, I'd advise people not only to be responsible with the disposal of their aquarium plants, but also to consider not using "noxious" plants in their tanks. The less demand there is for them, the less of a market there'll be, and the less likely unaware people will chuck them into our lakes and ponds. Aquatic nuisance species really are a huge problem in this country and have negatively impacted the ecology of many of our water bodies in innumerable, sometimes irreparable ways.
These plants are particularly a problem because they generally have the ability to adapt easily to new environments, proliferate rapidly, and often end up out competing local native varieties for nutrients, space, and sunlight.
Some of them are great in aquariums, but wreak havoc on open water bodies.

While I'm generally not so blunt as to say that the sale of noxious plants should be prohibited on a forum like this, I'd definitely say that the sale of Caulerpa taxifolia should be. Caulerpa taxifolia is especially dangerous. It really is killer algae, and can grow up to a foot a day. C.taxifolia can completely take over a small ecosystem in a matter of weeks, and the only way to eliminate it is by *chlorinating* the entire infected area. Yep, chlorinating. Everything in the contained infected area dies with it.

So yeah, that's my little n00b input. I wish everyone luck with their tanks, and again, I'd strongly recommend staying away from noxious plants.
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