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Talking Co2 for Staten Island +/- 15 miles

Sources go from best to worst.

What I have found is:

Middlesex Welding
2843 US Highway 1
North Brunswick NJ

Does on site refills! Very nice people!

5lb $85/tank 13.08 refill
10lb 100/tank 13.08
20lb 140/tank 15.89


600 Smith St
Brooklyn NY

5 and 20lb only. Prices are "about" so they told me. Swap only.

20lb 185/tank 22.00 refill

515 E Edgar Road
Linden NJ

Swap only. Talked to main office in PA routed there when NJ # did not P/U. Nice people.

5lb $72/tank refill 17.33
10lb 109.50/tank refill 17.33
20lb 152.00/tank refill 24.39

Praxair Distributors
600 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island NY

5 and 20lb only. Swap only. Nice guy.

5lb 76.48/tank refill 23.81
20lb 158.13/tank refill 26.40

TW Smith Corp
2610 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island NY

5 and 20lb only. Swap only. I could tell by his prices and attitude that he didn't want to be bothered.

5lb 120/tank refill 32.00
20lb 200/tank refill 28.00

I stopped here since I pretty much found what I was looking for and do a lot of my shopping in NJ so this is good for me. Your milage my vary!

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