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Originally Posted by Fluffles View Post
Most of the parts are in, but I'm still missing the 8-channel relay board, 4x24 LCD, and the 10P terminal blocks. They are coming in from China so it still might be 1-3 weeks from now. Also, I ordered a wood box for the project since I don't have any woodworking skills or tools. That's still about 2 weeks away from arrival. I don't think I'll really be able to start before getting the box.

Here's a quick pic of where everything stands:

This will be very similar to your project except I have less space to fit everything in so it will be a bit of a challenge.

I will be adding an in-line fuse for the AC line before the terminal blocks just to be safe.
Also, I'll have a second LCD screen inside the box (above the power supply). The screen has pushbuttons so I was thinking of making the second screen a menu that will allow me to select LED brightness, morning ramp-up time, nightime, time set, and fan speed.

I kinda decided not to do temperature or PH readings from the tank. My tank is a small 10G rimless tank, and I'd like to minimize the amount of wires going in and out. I won't be doing any sort of ethernet/wireless communication since I don't see the point with my specific setup, it also keeps things simple.

I think the biggest thing for me is that I'll be able to control relays, LEDs, and dosing pumps from the same RTC module. Right now I have 3 different timers in my tank and already had several accidents happen while I'm on a trip. Also, with pushbuttons to control the relays, it will be a breeze to disable outlets for doing maintenance.

Thanks again for posting your project up so everyone can see it. It made me take the plunge and get started on this. I'll keep you posted on any new ideas or discoveries I make while working on this.

Fluffles, what size fuse did you wind up using on your build?
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