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A bit more information

The container was bought from wallmart for about $7. It holds 19 gallons of water. There will be a bit less water in it due to the bricks and pots.

In the next week or so I plan on introducing a few cherry shrimp to the tank. From what I have read they can take temps down to about 50 degrees F. The current air temp is around 60 degrees today but this week it should be 70-80 with night time around 50. I think things should be alright.

In a month or so I want to add a few baby bristle nose plecos and use the pond as a grow out for them. I want to make sure the water temp wont drop too much for them first. I will also add some guppies or some other small fish with color to eat the bugs.

As for plants:

I am not sure if the star grass will stay or not. I am on the look out for a small aquatic lilly for that pot. I think it might do better being it puts leaves to the surface.

I am also thinking of adding some java fern and anubias to the bricks.

All questions, comments, and advice is more than welcome.

Thanks for looking!!
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