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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
How come those Dutch tanks don't have the plants swaying in the water current? Do they usually have lower water flow? I'm impressed that the lower leafs don't have a spec of algae on them. The growth is very healthy over all, something that I struggle with. It doesn't look like they have very high lighting either, amazing tanks.
Mostly due to the old myth that it will drive off CO2.

This was common back before they used CO2 gas(you have a pronounced increase over the night and it builds up, they even used tight fitting lids to cap and catch the gas naturally built up over the night). Later, some felt it would drive off more of the CO2 that they added with gas tanks.

Well, if you have a lot of surface breaking, yea, but if you keep it right before breaking, then it works well.

I used Wet/drys before getting into planted tanks and have continued since.
I used spray bars placed out of view on the bottom.

This allowed a lot of current and CO2 rich water to come up through the plant beds and then to the weir box. I was using DIY CO2 back then, so this step was needed to get the most out of a limited CO2 supply and high light.

Today, I do not need that with a gas tank CO2 supply.

So you can do either and most do have more flow than you might think. They just hide it, that's one thing they are obsessive about. I use to add cork backs to my tanks. I wrote articles about it back in the 1990's.

Tom Barr
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