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Originally Posted by DefStatic View Post
Wow, people are jumping on this bandwagon LOL.

Other than the color, what is the difference between ActiveFlora and say some other brand with a layer of laterite and root tabs first? Is this just about the color and size?

it's funny, I have seen that Fantasy Bowl site before but stayed away because can't get it local and it advertises it simply as decorative.
In the end, they're all just rocks. The main differences to me is color, consistency, and weight.

The color of the black Activ-Flora is simply fantastic. Of course, you can also get great deep black with a good black sand, but the AF gives a different look. Sand is a PITA is some ways (although great in others). I prefer AF.

Consistency is fairly unique to AF, compared to anything else I've personally seen. Much smaller particles than Eco Complete or actual "gravel" of the more common variety... but not so small as sand, or even the large grain sands.

Weight is good. Despite the small particle size, the particles are much heavier than Eco Complete and others.

Weight and consistency combine to determine how easy it is to plant in. AF strikes an excellent balance, IMO, between too fine and too large, and it's not too light (like Eco), all of which helps make it great for planting in.
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