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Originally Posted by BruceF View Post
I would like to make the argument for the colorful planted aquarium that is not the Dutch planted aquarium. It strikes me that many people grow plants in an arrangement that they refer to as sort of Dutch which in fact have nothing in common with Dutch rules but simply is a shorthand for colorful. It almost seems like there is a whole school of aquascaping that involves blending hardscape and color contrast that is simply dismissed as not being Dutch enough and not being Japanese enough but is never recognized as being a school in and of itself.
I would agree that just because a tank has lots of colorful stem plants doesn't qualify it as a traditional Dutch scape. I personally like to have hard scape in my tank and I have no desire to have the back and sides of my tank covered so therefore I will never do a Dutch tank in the traditional sense but I like the idea behind a Dutch tank more so than I do the nature style. Maybe instead of calling it Dutch style it should be called American style or western style which is just a hybrid style with the Dutch influence. This side of the world needs to have its own style so why not intermix the styles of the other traditions such as nature and Dutch.

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