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Light Fixtures Recommendations

I recently received a Aquatop rimless bowfront 8.7 gallon tank. It's 18 inches long. I'm not too sure on depth and width, maybe 12 inches, but I need a light fixture for it, preferably led. I was looking into getting a Fugeray planted +, however I would either have to get a 16" model or a 20". I would offset it and may set up a little Pico tank up on the side if I went this route. I would like to have medium low light and for now I don't want to mess with co2. I am gonna have reds in the tank so I feel that the planted + would complement plants such as sunset Hydro, hopefully I can get my hands on ludwigia sp red.

Anyways I would like to get opinions on light fixtures that would be suitable for what I am looking to set up. Any recommendations and advice would be appreciated.

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