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Brand new guy so here I go with a new hobby! Oh boy!


I am a total new comer and I'm looking forward to replacing my current boring plastic plant filled guppy tank with a new spanking planted wonderland. I have been reading my butt off and absorbing all the great information here on the forums as well as any other sites that I have come across.

I have been into Bonsai for almost 20 years and I have had a 29 gal tropical tank for longer than that. One day my wife said to me... "when are you gonna clean up that tank?". I kind of sighed and said, I will do so.... But I have become bored with the lame fish tank, so much so I haven't done any maintenance in over a year.

I have recently sold off all my bonsai due to the fact that that I have grown bored with that hobby as well. My new replacement hobby has been Astronomy for the last 4 years... Well,.. when my wife got sick of my lame tank, I for some reason stumbled upon a wonderful aquascape online and I immediately fell in love. So what is happening now..? I REALLY want to try my hand at a planted tank. I figured this would replace my desire to grow Bonsai trees, but in a convenient environment that will replace my current poop filled fish tank. Needless to say I a am extremely excited and can't wait to get started...

I have already purchased the new tank, lighting, substrate, and some driftwood.. And I am really looking forward to designing a new planted tank using my experience I have gained all those years growing Bonsai. I have the temporary tank purchased to house some of my current fish so that I can take my time creating, what I hope, will be a wonderful dive into the world of Aquascaping.

My fish tank skills have been reasonably successful and I have been pretty good at nurturing Bonsai so I think this is the natural next step. This time I can get into a wonderful new hobby while making my wife happy in taking interest in the fish tank again.

So after reading so much for the past few weeks I am ready to go. I am going to read up and plan very carefully my new tank, which I call "Tank version 2.0", so that it reflects the wonder and awe of the natural environment that I so loved while growing my former Bonsai trees. This seems to be the perfect merging of 2 hobbies. Tropical fish and Bonsai.

I look forward to talking to all of you on this forum and thank you in advance for all the future help that I know I will get from you all here.

I hope to post my progress for all of you to see and hopefully I will do you all proud. This is so exciting I can't explain it. I don't know what it is but I am so pumped for a low light no co2 (for now) tank I can hardly stand it.

Wish me luck!

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