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Since this is an online forum and all, I might as well put out what I am looking for...

What Caton needs for a wife:
  • Wife needs to be a waffle making MACHINE. I need it on demand. Ability to make crepes well is a plus.
  • Aquariums needs to be your first love
  • You have to be pretty. I'm sorry, but I need somebody that has a nose of normal proportions. We can't both have GIANT noses. That would make for awkward children.
  • Wedding cake must be pancakes. No exceptions.
  • Oh, and since we both love aquariums, you must also be willing to live in a shack that smells due to lots of moisture and give up living space for tanks. Reason for shack is due to lack of money since it was spent on tanks

That about covers it. I think....

If any ladies out there fit the bill, PM me! I can send you some Ludwigia as a wedding gift. If you are out there and don't want me, then expect some duckweed sent your way

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"99% of the time, a fish tank with plants will fail. Once you start a dedicated planted tank with fish, then you begin to succeed." - Geniusdudekiran
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