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It's been one week, and there is absolutely noticeable growth. To me at least. The Ludwigia repens, which I thought hadnt grown a single leaf, apparently grew an inch this week. At least. I only noticed when looking at last week's photos. The stargrass has obvious growth, which looks amazing. Stargrass has the habit of turning black and hideous when it's transplanted and/or damaged. Every little bruise turned to necropic black when I planted it, which really sucks for such a delicate plant (it's nearly as soft as guppy grass). Anyway, the new stargrass growth is a very soft bright green. Plus it's branching in everything direction. I'm so happy with this plant!

The blyxa is also surprising me. I thought I would love this plant after seeing it in so many tanks on this forum. In my own tank, I didnt love it so much, to tell you the truth. But it's grown about 5 new leaves each this week, and it looks much, much better than before. The last tank it was grown in had higher light, I believe, so it was very red/brown. In my tank, the new leaves are green with a pink overtone.

The HC has changed to submersed growth and the leaves are really oblong and neon green. The HM is looking pale, and some new growth is completely white. It's got to be a symptom of missing ferts, but I'm dosing EI plus supplemental Excel, and I have a 2 litre DIY CO2 bottle running. I dose 2 ml of Flourish comprehensive three times a week. You would think that would be enough iron. Why are the new leaves white and decaying?

Oh, and I found clado growing in my HM. And I'm getting quite a bit of hair algae on my vals. Gotta cut back my lighting. I've been leaving it on 10 hours a day sometimes.

So here's a tank update pic, and some photos of my ramshorns. Current tank occupants are 2 amano shrimp, 2 otos, 2 juvenile platies, 6 small red ramshorns, and about 20 baby ramshorns that were born this week. Oh, and I have limpets. Interesting things.

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