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Originally Posted by Build My LED View Post
Hi HF. Thanks for the questions. I think the SYPDR 600 is overkill, as it is used to deliver very high PAR levels in greenhouse applications :-) It sounds like you are mainly concerned with 1) keeping the plants happy and 2) enjoying the colors on your plants. Is this correct? Do you have any mounting height constraints on the lights? Ideally, how high above the plants would you want to hang the lights?

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What's up Nick. I guess you are right, the SPYDR would definitely be overkill in my living room.

1. I just want to keep plants colored up and happy. Regular house plants with nothing fancy but might upgrade the plants in the future to some orchids (not sure yet). Would like a nice warm color, probably less than 6500k.

2. The tank stand does have two poles where the light hangs from so all I would need is a hanging kit (first pic shows this). Not sure on the ceiling height but it's fairly high. I can have the light mounted as high as 4-5 feet from the top of the tank. Ideally would probably like 3 feet from the top of the tank (tank is 16 inches high I think).

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