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Here's some new pics of the tank, now with plants in it!!! Then last week my 3000k bulb died, had the thing going for a freaking week and it dies, what a shame... But I replaced it with another 6500k bulb, and my plants seem to be really responding to the 6500k bulbs combined with a 12,000k white actinic, and a 460nm actinic bulb. Every plant is showing major new growth, and the growth seems to be fast and steady!!!

Full tank shots

Amazon Swords w/ shooters in back corner

Cryptocoryne Balansae

Ludwigia Palustris

Ludwigia Repens

Hygrophila corymbosa "stricta"

45g Long - High Light Planted Tank / 30g - Plant Grow Out Tank / 100g Tank - currently resealing
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