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Nick / Cara,

I am starting out on research and hoping that you can help me out. I noticed your multi-bar fixtures that sell for around $999. So at the moment I have a 3 foot by 3 foot custom aquarium sitting empty in my living room. I would like to perhaps put some potted plants in there such as orchids and other various things that can be found at HomeDepot (still a beginner to potted plants). I pretty much want terrestrial plants that do not require a ton of humidity or water...just regular potted plants. Anyway, after checking out the multi bar fixtures I would like to know whether I would need all 6 strips or can they be made with less? Also, what about the color spectrum? I am not sure if I would want full red light in my living room since my neighbors will think that something crazy is going on. What would you recommend? Does this light come with the hanging kit? Any advice is appreciated.

I previously ran the tank with 3 regular finnex LED lights and it did fairly well. Would I really need 6 that come with the kit? Or is it wise in case I ever want to expand my collection?

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