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Originally Posted by rezco View Post
This is beautiful. Can you share some details about the water parameters? CO2, nutrient parameters, and fert dosing schedule, and most importantly how long has it been setup with these plants. My tanks have usually run into trouble after 6 -12 months due to nutrient overload and require deep gravel cleaning to reset.
Thanks for the kind words to all.

The water perameters - pH of 6.8 pre co2, and 6.2 after co2 injection (sitting still for 48hrs the pH is 7.4). KH is 2, nitrates of approx 20-40, TDS is between 150-300ppm. I don’t test for nutrient parameters. I use PPS PRO dosing, total root tabs from The tank has been setup since the summer of 2011. Next step will be to redo the substrate with all ADA amazonia, and a switch to LEDs at some point.

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