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Originally Posted by Lowe View Post
Super input! Your advice will be surely noted and taken in to consideration. If I may address a few things:

I don't want to get too far ahead and release too much information on this project but we have about 3 different fixtures we plan on releasing. As we could not incorporate the dimmer/timer option on the old fixtures without having users open up the fixture and splice wires, we decided to incorporate this fixture with an ADD ON to the new fixtures which would allow easy plug-n-play, all while keeping the unit itself at the lowest price possible. All 3 fixtures should fill a certain nitche. And when I mention higher powered fixture, rest assured you don't need to think higher price tag. We're doing our best to get a power house fixture as close to RAY2 pricing as possible . Stay tuned~

I cant realize I haven't seen this thread yet!

What about for those of us who dont mind opening up the old fixture to splice in some wires? I'd be willing to do the work/take the risk if you can make the dimmer/timer option available for us to add on to the older units. Its great that you're expanding your product line and all; but its sort of a downer to hear that my brand new light fixture is essentially obsolete already!
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