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Originally Posted by BiscuitSlayer View Post
FrostyNYC -

Thats going to be a sweet little tank! The only change I would make is adding a background so that you don't see the receptacle and cords behind the tank.
I actually tried using a black plastic garbage bag, cut to fit, but the bag I selected was of flimsy plastic and it just didnt look right. I'm going to have to find a heavy-duty black bag... or bite the bullet and paint it.

All - Thanks for the comments. I actually ended up moving the rocks slightly because I felt there was too much of a horizontal line going on, especially on the right side of the tank. Annnnnnd I ended up filling the tank, for a couple reasons. The HC was starting to die, somehow. After spreading out very well for weeks, something bad was happening and it started to turn brown and melt. I filled the tank, started dosing EI, Excel, and DIY CO2 and the dying-off seems to have abated, but I lost a lot of HC. Who knew that emersed plants could just melt? I also ripped out a bunch of HM from the rear of the tank to make room for background plants, and I added a handful of young red ramshorn snails to eat up the dead HC and start pumping out ammonia for my cycle. (Tho I did seed my filter with floss from another tank) I'll post pics soon.
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