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rumples riot
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I think we should establish some rules to be in the Eheim Pimp club. Personally I have been saying things about Eheim for years, had the filters for at least 17 years. Love all their products.

So now for rules, what does everybody think? And like George said we have to have the proof, maybe some pics of your filters.

One must walk around with a copy of their manual in their back pocket, like some sort of bible, which can be thrust out at a moments notice to attest to the worth of the mighty Eheim. :lol:

Come on lets see how crazy we can get.


Eheim Pimp Club member #3: Scribe to the Eheim Pimp Club

90 gallon, CO2 dupla injection, Dupla substrate heating, Dupla Laterite with iron stone substrate, Aquastarlight future 3 x 150 metal Halides, Eheim 2026 pro2's and heavily planted with Discus
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