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Originally Posted by intermediate_noob View Post
This is the thread from Reef Central where we all started and it talks about the floaters: Reef Central DIY Stand

I was going to try to explain what everything was for, but I do not want to take the wind out of Biscuit's sails because this is one heckuva awesome looking stand. All your questions and more are answered in detail on the ReefCentral thread and I am sure Biscuit could offer up his info too.

Once question to Biscuit, are the switches controlling each outlet they are connected to? Meaning the switch would turn off their respective output? Also, do you think one GFCI is enough? I wired three of them for my last project (two for lights, one for heater and pump) because I did not want a single point of failure. Do you think this was overkill?

Where did you get your plywood and did you buy a 4x8 sheet for the 1/2" and 1/4" oak? I cannot seem to find any good plywood at the local Home Depots or Lowes. May have to go to a lumber yard.

Kudos to you man, you are my hero!


Don't worry about taking the wind out of my sails. You know this design as well as anyone, so feel free to speak your mind. It is because of your thread that I built the stand this way. Maybe you would have more luck articulating the purpose of the floater.

As far as the switch/receptacles go, each switch will control the respective outlet/receptacle it is attached to. The GFCI will protect the lower switch/outlets from ground faults, etc. Not sure what you mean by overkill on this. The single point of failure is that if the GFCI trips, everything will shut off. If you are thinking I missed something, please explain. I don't want to overlook things while I am still building it out. It is easier to make changes now than later.

I was only able to buy 1/4" eight foot sheets of oak plywood at Lowes. For the canopy, I am going to use 3/4" ply, but I only bought 2' X 4' sheets. I have a plan that will require some work to make it fit the actual tank.

As far as heros go, you're mine. If it wasn't for you and your thread, I wouldn't be building it.

Once again, feel free to comment as you wish. I won't mind at all.

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