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A "Resume" function would be nice if there are weather FX... Looks like current is doing that on the orbit and the new Ecoxotic E-Series LED. The lack of that and compatibility of the + fixtures with their ramp timers is a turn off... So if you can succeed where they failed that would be cool

Also the lack of any storm and/or cloud cover events in the programmed lighting schedule kinda sucks. The resume function in their newer lights takes the edge off that failure a bit, but really disappointing that you can't just set it and forget it and have it do all those FX without it interrupting your program and/or having to activate them manually then resume.

Another option that would be really cool would be some kinda built in sound loop player to play storm or other sounds synced with certain weather FX. Allowing us to load our own sounds would be great. People are doing storm fx in aquariums, and it is starting to become a trend in the reptile/amphibian vivarium hobby too, but options to easily play synced sounds without some kinda getto mcguyver'd system are few and far between if not actually not existent. At the very least seems someone has to be really creative and/or technically inclined to get something like this setup

BTW I'm actually a tropical vivarium/dart frog guy, and these freshwater Led fixtures are really starting to cross over into our hobby. I have 12 vivariums and that isn't even a lot in my hobby We have a fair number of people with 20-100+ vivariums ...So while we may not have the numbers people wise the fish hobby has, we do have a lot of tanks! Like this...

(Storm FX on timed intervals as part of the overall lighting program rather then random would work better for us, so we could sync our mist systems. Maybe there would be good reasons why that would work better for aquarium people too???)

I mentioned the same thing on the Build my led forums and they expressed interest in possibly sponsoring some of our forums like,,,,
(Tell em Dendro Dave sent ya! )

Then there are all the gecko/reptile forums... There is very little in the way of decent LED options in those hobbies and frankly the stuff coming out for freshwater aquariums is often of more use and better quality then what exoterra, zoomed and others are putting out there. Might be worth looking into sponsorship and/or products that keep those hobbies in mind in order to expand your market. Our lighting requirements are similar to planted tanks, maybe not quite as intense, but 1 satellite + fixture would probably fall short of ideal for most vivariums. Also we generally like light that is in the 5000-7000K range. Reef lights look like crap over a vivarium. Lot's of us are trying to make the switch to LEDs but options are limited. (If you ever need anyone to test out some lights for vivarium use, I'm your man! )
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